A Kenyan teacher marks and rephrases the letter president Akufo-Addo put out as announcement on former president Rawlings death.

A Kenyan teacher marks and rephrases the letter president Akufo-Addo put out as announcement on former president Rawlings death.

A Teacher from Kenya has marked and rephrased the letter the president of the Republic of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo wrote down as announcement for the late JJ Rawlings death.

Nana Akufo-Addo announced the death of the former president of Ghana Rawlings yesterday and a teacher who is said to be the marker took his time to mark and rephrase the announcement.

According to the teacher who’s identity is not yet revealed, the announcement was on point but he was beating around the bush instead of going straight to the post.

After marking, he gave Nana Akufo-Addo 5 out of 10 which made a lot of people to also react to it saying it isn’t right for the teacher to do that.

Leave your comment below if it right for the teacher to go that way.

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Popular Nigerian comic actress who goes by the name Emmanuella has really surprised her biological mother with a big house.

The comedienne who’s 10 years of age made this open after posting pictures of the house she bought for her mother on her micro blogging tube, Instagram.

Reading from the caption she added to the photos on her Instagram page, she made it clear that she intentionally bought that house for her mother because she once told her (Emmanuella) that she want a house.

Emmanuella again promised the mother that she will be building a big mansion for her but she (mother) should manage the house she (Emmanuella) has bought for her now.

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Lifestyle and entertainment blogger born Mustapha Mahama popular known in the showbiz zone as Mustapha The Blogger has emphatically stated that any man who’s dating more than two ladies is cheap.

According to the blogger, goods that are sold at low prices always attract more customers or buyers and for that matter if a guy dates two ladies he is cheap.

Most people dates two or more ladies just to avoid broken heart and other also have their own reasons for going in for two or more ladies.

Mustapha The Blogger said this on his Facebook wall which made a lot of people to also react.

Leave your comments below if you agree to what the blogger said.

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Young Ghanaian who’s has been identified as Iman O’Block has said and advised his fellow guys to stay positive and always be who they are.

In his recent Facebook post celebritiesgist.com came across on his Facebook wall a couple of hours ago, the netizen stated that under no circumstance will someone continue to gain respect after his/her neighbors finds out that he/she is f@k!ng who he/she is.

According to him, the person will automatically loss respect no matter what he will portray again.

He wrote

“U automatically lose respect if u act different to impress other”

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