AMG boss Criss Waddle jabs a blogger who tagged him with the video they where captured sacked infront of Fella Makafui’s shop.

According to sources Medikal and his boss Criss Waddle went to beg Fella Makafui after it was alleged that Medikal chopped Fella’s sister Fendy Fella.

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A blogger post the video on tweeter and tagged AMG boss Criss Waddle.

Criss Waddle retweeted the video with comment saying

U can’t post your stupid news without tagging me abi?everytime u guys want spread the negative side of everything,God go punish some of u bloggers one by one”

He added that, he doesn’t want to be the third person people will be pointing at, so Ghanaians should stop tagging him.

Medikal also tweeted after the blogger tagged his boss.