Well known Ghanaian highlife singer Kuami Eugene voiced out on how his music career has impacted in his life.

He said to himself that he will surely make it through one day. Kuami Eugene promised to buy his Mum a car before he gets to 25years but he fulfilled his promise at 22.

In his recent interview, Kuami Eugene disclosed that, he changed the destiny of his family from middle to higher class.

“I told my mum that I will get her a car before I am 25 years. I did it when I was 21 years.I didn’t allow bloggers to follow me during the presentation because I don’t need them to put everything I do out there. I don’t need them to put everything that happens in my life out there.I bought myself a car when I was 20 years and I got my mum one when I was 21” he said.