MzVee recently revealed that she went off the music scene because she was seriously depressed.

She was interviewed by ZionFlex and she told him that she was facing a lot of problem that she wasn’t able to handle but right now they are managing it and also talking to people on that.

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“The biggest that lead me to depressed was because, I was every quiet I didn’t know how to talk to people, everything was in my hard, my parents will see we never knew what you were thinking, So problem I had I was always keeping to myself. I will never complain about anything so basically if anyone does anything to me or I somewhere and there’s a problem I will never complain and that was me”. She said.

According to her in 2017 to 2018, she couldn’t handle it anymore so she crash and decided to give up upon music.

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She added that in 2019 she reconnected with her family and started communicating her problems to other so in 2020 things are moving on smoothly for her.


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