The beef between Fameye and his ex-manager is still on pending.

In an Interview, Ogidi Brown revealed that he invested over 1billion into Fameye but he got nothing in return.

Ogidi Brown said Fameye is not willing to refund him his money, so what he will do is to sue Fameye in the law court.

Ogidi Brown got the chance to perform one of his hit songs FAVOUR US in UK in-which Fameye was soo likely enough to be on that same Show.

According to Ogidi Brown, the UK event promoters called him to cancel his and he was told Fameye was behind it.

Celebrities blogger ZionFlex called Mingle the UK event promoter and he said,

“No one can decide for us who we should put on our show and besides Ogidi Brown wasn’t washed out because of Fameye”,

According to the event promoter Ogidi Brown was telling lies against NOTHING I GET hit maker Fameye.