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Moxkito set to drop hot new single – Oyibo x African Man

Music producer, artiste and record label owner Felix Asadu, popularly known as Moxkito “Da Beat kumfu”, is set to release another hot single banger, titled, “Oyibo”, meaning white man. This song is a real Afro pop song which features, Kaylo, another strong rapper and singer who graced the tune so beautifully with his impecable lyrics and style.

From look of things, this song will surely make waves not only in Ghana but in Africa and the whole world at large. This song sees Moxkito describe the White man called “Oyibo” locally by the people of Nigeria as a forceful human being and has strived to achieve excellence in every way possible in life.

To him, the white man is a goal getter and strives to achieve whether rain or shine. He sees the white man not to be fearful but takes chances in life to achieve greatness. He does not however condemn black people in anyway but seeks to educate the blacks to also strive hard to become even more than the whites who are far developed than us. This is the concept behind his version.

The song has “Da Beat Kunfu” perform some real magic with instruments as he unleashes his dinstinct skill in coming out with a touch of class that sees this music to stand out among the many songs on the market.

Both the Whites and the Blacks can relate to this hit song as the other artistes, Kaylo, also takes his part to describe the unique nature of the black man and how the whites have taken so much from us to enrich themselves. The song is more of what you will call an argumentative essay, as the music fans and listeners are left to be the best judges between the Whites and the Blacks.

The concept is so beautifully crafted and speaks to the reality of life as to what the Black man and white man situation is in real life. I believe this is something we have mostly known but Moxkito delves into it from the music perspective as you both tap and toe and pick a lesson or two from it.

This song reminds me so much of Fella Kuti of Nigeria as you can feel the real Afro pop sense and fever in it. I tip this song to go far and wide. The beat alone is great and the lyrics are powerful. The composition is well crafted and the arrangements is superb.

This song will be on air very soon and on your radio set, YouTube and all music channels accross the globe so watch out for this great track from Moxkito Da Beat Kunfu.

Quayson Writes : Shatta Wale Endorses Kay Smooth – His School Father

Upcoming star, singer, song writer extra ordinaire, Kay Smooth is taking the Ghana music industry by storm with his many hit tunes over the years which includes Naa Adgele, released in 2012 . Recently, after many years of ground works and preparation, the Ghana King of Afro Pop, Kay Smooth has resurfaced and dropped so many quality top-notch singles which have earned him massive air play both home and abroad. The music master, Kay Smooth as I choose to call him has given purpose to our music ears as anyone that hears his music will have no choice than to fall in love with his songs.

Some of Kay Smooth’s hit songs which fans have fallen in love with it all over the globe include tunes like ‘Odor y3 d3′, meaning love is sweet which features Shatta Wale – the dancehall king, ‘Sweet Honey’ which also features Shatta Wale, ‘Baby you fine‘ featuring Dr. Cryme and ‘Thy Word’, a gospel track from this music master that is saving souls around the world and is being played in churches and events, all released last year 2018.

It seems that this time around the music giant is here to stay for good as he has received so many endorsements from so many artists in Ghana including Dr. Cryme, K K Fosu, Shatta Wale etc who he has worked with on various music tracks which are doing quite well on the market.

The silky voice male solo artiste is sweeping ladies across the globe off their feet with his untouchable and impecable unique style of music. He blends R&B, Afro Pop, Hip life, Highlife in a way that is totally out of this world and the fans are just loving him everywhere and in every place. DJs around the globe seem not to have enough of him as their radio sessions will not end satisfactorily without dropping a tune or the other from this mega star.

Among the tall list of admirers of Kay Smooth’s music is the self-acclaimed dancehall King himself, Shatta Wale who has also thrown his unwavering weight behind the upcoming superstar. Kay Smooth has a very rich history when it comes to music and he started his career with the likes of Terry Bounchaka of blessed memory in 1996, who he was in a group with called Affirmative Action. Not only that, he fathered the dancehall king himself, Shatta Wale who happens to be his school son in Winneba Secondary School.

The good son who has made it in Ghana and abroad after his good mentorship from his father has returned heroically to endorse his father, Kay Smooth. Watch the video for yourself :

Currently Kay Smooth is on a record label called Smooth Family Entertainment which he also doubles as the CEO. The record label is working on releasing his debut album called the Rising Star Album.

From the singles we have heard so far from this music super heroe, you can expect nothing but the best. The tracks I have also personally listened to on this upcoming album, I can only describe as a paradise of music or heaven on earth.

He has urged all his fans to support him in prayers as he will never let them down. He has said the first cut is always the deepest so he has taken his time to put this debut album together which he believes strongly will leave an indellible mark in the world of music so his fans should watch out. God willing very soon his album will be out on itunes, sound cloud, sportify, shelves and all music channels all over the world.

He has asked that for now we enjoy his singles and watch his videos on youtube and TV because he has come to stay and to carry Ghana music very far. He has also played so many shows and available for shows both home and abroad when needed.

You can check Kay Smooth page on facebook, twitter, Instagram, twitter and on all social media handles.

You can also contact Nsemwoha team on anything regarding Kay Smooth be it shows, events, endorsement deals etc on 0244084327.

Quayson Interviews Moxkito

Felix Asadu popularly known in showbiz as Moxkito is a great record producer under the record label Moxflex Entertainment, has over the years being soothing our ears with great melodious tunes and bangers which has caught up with lots of music lovers and given him quite an admirable number of fan base.

Nsemwoha caught up with this great artiste some few days ago in his studios in Awoshie to find out the way forward for his music brand since it has been quite a while since his followers and music lovers heard some new tracks from him although his old songs are enjoying massive air play on radio and itunes etc. The “Can I buy you a drink” hit maker had a lot to say to the Nsemwoha Team (NT), that visited his studios and we feel we should let the world out there hear his message.

NT : Why have we not heard from you for quite a while now?

Mox: Well, I have been around trying to put some parts of my life together by way of business and producing other artists I want to help to come to the limelight. I really love helping people, that has actually being my passion as a young chap. I believe in life you are not the only one with talent so when you identify others you need to help them out too so for now that is what I am doing.

NT : Does it mean you consider yourself an established brand so now you step out to help others?

Mox : Oh, well not exactly so but I believe in life you don’t have to entirely make it completely before you help others. Everywhere you get too as a musician you have others below so you just have to pull them along.

NT : So what are some of the artistes you currently working with?

Mox : Well, I have Tito Lana on my label and producing others like Fishkell, Paddi Biribisey etc, they are quite a lot especially on the production side but on the record label for now its Tito Lana.

NT : That means you are a powerhouse in the entertainment industry?

Mox : Yea, gradually we are getting there.

NT : But how come we have not heard of any of these artistes under your label apart from yourself?

Mox : Tito Lana is on itunes and quite a number of radio stations play his songs but you know Ghana, you have to grease a lot of palms sometimes to get your music played but honestly he is not doing bad with some few singles we have dropped. Tito Lana was supposed to release his album last year but school schedules didn’t make it possible. He schools at KNUST and must come to Accra during vaccation and that’s the only time he gets to record. The others have also done a lot of features even on my tracks. For now I would describe them as underground but don’t worry we will take the country by storm very soon, fingers crossed. Last year I recorded Kwame Angelo’s – “Wobaa Wo Bier“, meaning we sleep here in Ga language. This is a very big song in lighthouse Chapel and was used by Dag Heward-Mills and all lighthouse church branches across the world. So you see we have being working underground.

NT : Are you making money from music?

Mox : Well, God is blessing us. To me music is my passion. I am a rapper, a producer and a beat maker. God gives me what I deserve in all these areas but for now I don’t entirely depend on music. I have other businesses I am running. I recently launched my own delivery service company and pure water production and distribution company called Cherish mineral water which is doing quite well on the market and has infact taken a lot of my time that is why you don’t hear from me much. You know the begining of everything you have to put in your very best that is why. Once it stands firm then you can have time for other stuffs. That is why, not as if I have abandoned music but I am doing this on the side as business to supplement my income so I can invest more into music.

NT : So now can we call you, Musician and businessman or enterpreneur?

Mox : Oh yea sure because that is exactly what I am doing. You know in Ghana today many musicians have made names but it does not tally to their level of success because they depended entirely on music but I don’t just want to depend solely o music for now because I have not fully gotten to that level yet like the already established “A” list artistes like the Sarkodies, Stonebwoys and Shatta Wales and stuff although we will get there soon but I want to do some businesses in addition to the music which I am currently doing.

NT : Its like you are a visionary?

Mox : Oh yea my parents instilled that discipline in me not to put all your eggs in one basket. Although I am succeeding musically, my children cannot inherit my talent tomorrow so I want to build a business empire for them as well.

NT : In terms of music are you working on anything new or now its all about business?

Mox : Oh no, its not all about business. My studio is open everyday as I produce beats and record other artists. I am also coming out with a new hot banger that will take the country by storm called, “Champion baako per” meaning only one champion. It features Fishkell, another great rapper.

NT : That is great, what inspired the song?

Mox : Well, you should know by now that indeed I am a champion from all that I have told you. I am a champion in everything in life, at work, music, in the bedroom (laughing), I mean every area of my life I believe I am a champion. But on a more serious note the concept for my new song “Champion Baako Per” came about when I realised in life some people won’t believe in you but with time they realize that you are the one with the master plan. That is basically what it is about.

NT : The concept for your new song is great, so when is it dropping precisely?

Mox : God willing by the end of this month.

NT : We wish you well though, but any final message to your fans out there?

Mox : Tell my fans to keep on supporting me in prayers and I promise to release one or two songs every month till year ends so the fans should watch out. I thank them so much for the support over the years. I won’t let them down at all. Thank you Nsemwoha for granting me this interview also. God bless us all.

Quayson Writes : Nadia Buari – The Princess That Never Was

The bible says beauty in the hands of a woman without discretion is like precious pearls in the snout of a pig. A pig would take the precious jewels and go and dip it in the mud or or gutter. When I look at Nadia Buari often times whether on social media or in a movie, I sometimes realise that some people don’t understand the purpose of beauty.

Beauty in itself is a gift from God and like every precious treasure must be valued to high heavens. Beauty they say fades but there is no man on earth that is not attracted to beauty. Beauty makes you an admiration of men and everyone else would want to associate with your kind.

I personally witnessed the very exciting and budding career of Nadia Buari and I must say that I was indeed impressed with her from day one . For once I would say I felt very confident in Ghanaian ladies if we have to export such beauty to the rest of the world in our movie industry.

Despite the fact that Nadia Buari is fair if you even paint her picture to be black she would still be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has presence, charisma and personality. Nadia Buari is a true epitome of beauty if you ask me and I have been one of her admirers for a very long time.

I have always considered the man that will marry this beautiful lady to be a very lucky man. Talk of facial beauty, colour, appearance, expression, neatness, confidence, height, stature etc, Nadia Nuari has it all.

I admired her for a very long time until I heard she was involved with Michael Essien. Well, I said to myself what does a Muslim woman have to do with a Christian man in a relationship and her family is watching? Well, I guess when it comes to money and fame to some families religion does not matter.

Pardon me if you think I am being judgemental here. Not at all. The point is especially for the Muslims its more like a “Haram” for their ladies to be dating or getting married to someone outside their religion but I don’t think Christians have that problem. A Christian can marry anyone from any religion even a worldly person and the bible is not against it but with Muslims you would have to convert to their religion.

So I found it quite strange that her famous father Sidiku Buari, a Muslim, will let her daughter veer off their Muslim beliefs into being the fiance of Michael Essien who is a Christian. By then Michael Essien was at the peak of his career in Chelsea and the whole world followed him and were full of praises for him so I guess the Buari family too decided to cash in on it.

Then I realised she lacked one thing which is virtue, not only her but her family. Immediately I realised she was about the money and fame and not really someone to be considered a serious female celebrity in life or a role model. We heard of how she paraded the Michael Essien cars in town when the young man was out in London playing for his Chelsea FC.

We don’t know what led to the break up between the duos but it would seem neither of them recovered from the break up really as we have seen their fame dwindle quite well in society. Michael Essien never enjoyed the limelight again in football as he later left Chelsea and its as if his football career has taken a dip. Nadia Buari also did not also have so much publicity as she also dipped in her acting career.

I think there is something about fame. Once you enjoy it, you would always want to have it as part of you. I think if a famous person feels he is no more popular it can begin to have a tow on the person psychologically. We don’t know whether if that is what moved Nadia to fall again into the hands of notorious womaniser in Nollywood, Jym Yke.

The issue of this notorious womaniser also came up and this esteemed beauty queen in my eyes fell for this actor and I was taken aback. I mean how can a lady of her calibre have associated herself with such a man who is neither a Muslim too? What is it about Nadia Buari that she does not seem to be dating Muslim men but always Christians although she herself is a Muslim? Is she all about just the fame and youthful exuberance or perhaps no Alhaji has really made impact on her?

This affair and that of Yvonne Nelson with Inyanya made me to lose total respect and admiration for these two seasoned actresses and I think most Ghanaians too. As I very much expected, that relationship also hit the rock. I really have issues with how our Ghanaian lady celebrities offer themselves cheaply to these Nigerians knowing very well that they will be used and dumped. I know Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim and Becca have all gone Nigeria. Well, we wish them well in the Nigerian suitorship pursuit. As for we the Ghanaian men we are less human so you have to cross several borders to go find husbands in Nigeria. We wish these adventurous celebrities well.

It didn’t take long before the expected happened. The relationship between Nadia and Jym hit the rocks. That of Yvonne Nelson also hit the rock. We were all surprised especially how these love birds attended events and displayed affection on social media. As usual it is as a result of cheating allegations against Jym something Nadia cannot claim she did not know about Jym before letting down her panties for him or jumping too quickly into his bed. Such a waste of a queenly beauty when other men would have idolised such beauty. Yvonne was also dumped too well with her open display of heart attack on social media. Juliet Ibrahim also got dumped by her Nigerian rapper boyfriend, Iceberg.

Are our female celebrities serious at all? Anyway not too long we heard Nadia was pregnant and Yvonne Nelson too became pregnant. I guess once you go Nigeria, the next thing that happens after your break up will be pregnancy. We are waiting to see if Juliet Ibrahim will also get pregnant for another man after she also got dumped by Iceberg.

Its not only pregnancy that is the new trend now after they get dumped by Nigerian men but it seems after Nigeria, the next thing is white men. Yvonne went in for a white guy, a photographer, and Nadia too made us believe her twins had a white father just for us to hear that Mahama is the father of the twins.

So Micheal Essien was with Akosua Puni along the line when Nadia was in the picture some where, they broke up, she goes in for Jym Yke, breaks up, gets pregnant for a “white man” and it turns out that Ex-president Mahama, a married man, may be the father of her twins.

Honestly I am confused and very much disappointed in Nadia because I considered her an epitome of beauty, a shinning light, a role model for the girl child and a princess but all the life she has lived and the examples she has set is rather the opposite of these attributes. Certainly Nadia Buari is not the Princess I ever thought she was and has really let down the purpose of beauty in my estimation.

Quayson Writes : The Menzgold Fiasco – The Twist And Turns

For now it looks as if the whole country is in disarray as the Adani and Awudu crisis is yet to see the day of light whiles there is much wailing, grief, demonstrations on the street of Accra and Kumasi over Menzgold issue.

It looks as if the whole nation is experiencing a national crisis. NAM 1 is no where to be found. News circulating is that he has been placed on a radial on Interpol in 194 countries to be arrested whiles other news are refuting the claims. On social media we can see images of bench warrant issued by an Accra Circuit High Court to arrest all the directors of Menzgold.

Infact for now we don’t know which news to believe anymore because you hear or read one news here and it is been refuted by another media group somewhere else. It would seem that the Menzgold issue itself has divided the media as we know many media houses were in bed with Menzgold so now they cannot report the truth of the matter. He himself owns a media conglomerate but much PR work is not being done to lay the hearts of Ghanaians to rest.

Personally I was looking forward to the gold party in December which never happened because I wanted to use the opportunity to increase my weight a bit since much food and drinks will be served. I would have really ate my fill and drunk good wine to celebrate Ghana.

I would have also had the opportunity to at least see the “A” list stars paraded by Menzgold through Zylophon Music like the Shatta Wales, Stonebwoys, Joyce Blessings etc. Well for good reasons I guess it did not have to happen as so many people are heartbroken and frustrated about what has happened to their investment.

At least we know the position of government that the tax payer’s money will not be used to settle a dime of monies menzgold customers have invested in the company. Finance minister has labelled all menzgold investors as “greedy people” who will not check the world market returns on gold trading which is between 2% to 3% but fell for this small boy called NAM 1 who promised them 7% to 10% on their gold dealership.

As much as what the Finance Minister has said is true yet when you consider the majority of people that invested in Menzgold, not all of them have so much of a market knowledge to read intelligently between the lines that this was a scam or a risky investment for that matter.

As for the elites in society who did not research but still went ahead to invest with him, I think they deserve all that has come to them. For me I think if the government will intervene at all, it should consider clients on a case by case basis considering those who should have known better and refuse them any compensation but compensate those who could not have possibly known that it was a scam.

I read somewhere that the Supreme Court has thrown out the law suit by Menzgold against SEC and BoG for causing the shutting down of the gold vault business of Menzgold. But honestly I am wondering why the court has done this within the heat of the demonstrations and people calling for the head of missing NAM 1? Why did the court have to wait for NAM 1 to go missing, people demonstrating, Menzgold and Zylophon asking workers to proceed on leave and then come out to dismiss the law suit against the firm simultaneously? It just buffles my mind.

Personally I believe there are some powers behind that are trying very hard to sabotage Menzgold business and all its affiliates because all these things cannot be happening at the same time. This current government cannot be exonerated from what is happening in Menzgold looking at how they are closing down people’s banks left and right and causing panic withdrawal in the banking sector for reasons best known to them.

The clean up in the banking sector has affected so many lives adversely and I personally believe it was done in a rush and causing general hardship in the economy. This has also affected Menzgold and its customers harshly. I believe there is both a good and a bad side to what is happening in the banking or financial sector now but don’t want to so much into that now.

It looks as if everything about Menzgold is coming down at once and this is not so good for NAM 1 and all his investors in Menzgold. Now it looks as if Menzgold is almost collapsed and this will certainly affect all its other chain of businesses including Zylophon Media, NAM 1 Missions, Zylophon Cash, Brew Marketing Consults, Zylophon Arts Fund etc.

I passed by Menzgold Kasoa branch and some of the Zylophon media shops in town and all were closed down. This only means unemployment again in the country and collapsing businesses. I felt so bad and so sad that something like this was happening in my country Ghana and all the people who have invested their lifetime savings in this firm stand a risk of losing their investment which will further compound the woes of the country.

In a news item the PRO of Menzgold has assured the customers of Menzgold that NAM 1 has left the country to abroad to go and work and mobilise money to come and pay all the people that have invested in Menzgold. Now we don’t know what story to believe again as everyone is growing impatient with the turn of events.

I recently chanced upon the accolades of the CEO of Menzgold and I was mesmerised that within a short period of time such a youth was able to amass so much local and international accolades and sponsorship deals. Below are some of the accolades of NAM 1 in his years of reign in this country and beyond :

1. Special Recognition Award for Buiness Innovation at the Exclusive Men of the Year Award 2017.

2. 4Syte Music Video Awards 2017 – Lifetime Achievement Award.

3. Lifetime Category – 50 Most influential young Ghanaians.

4. Special Award – Radio and Television Personality (RTP) Awards

5. 100 Most Influential Young Persons In African by the Confederation of West Arican Youth (CWAY) in July 2018.

6. 8th Enterpreneur and Corporate Executives Awards in April 2018 – Best Business Exevutive Award of the Year.

7. Special Award – At The Ghana Music Award held in South Africa.

8. 2nd Most Influential Entertainment Personality in Ghana for 2018.

Now I am asking myself is it that Ghanaians are too quick to accept people into our world of business without doing the necessary background checks to find out if the person is credible or not but once the person is popular out there and he has money, the award keep on flowing to him? Are we awarding the person or the money he has made? I think all these awards contributed to his acceptance by the general public.

I believe as these accolades were showered on him, it gave Ghanaians the needed confidence they had in him to give him their monies as investment for which now we cannot now fanthom whether these investments will be recouped or not? It’s quite sad.

We cannot tell whether NAM 1 cleverly affiliated himself with all the big politicians, media houses, celebrities etc just to gain public endorsement so people can part away with their monies to him or he just did that out of good intentions. In a way he cannot be entirely faulted because every smart business man knows the importance of affiliating himself with the right and influential people to get the right endorsement. My former boss somewhere always says “every businessman is a crook”.

Some investors claim they invested their monies with him because they saw his picture and that of the president sharing pleasantries and I ask myself whether it is any sensinle grounds to part away with your hard earned monies to a company for investment?

As for friends who have come out to expose NAM 1 that he is a fraudulent person and that Ghanaians should not have trusted him with their monies, I guess it is very unfortunate but then it is a lesson for us all as to know the kind of company we keep around us for in the time of trouble, they might be the same people that will expose us.

For his various staff and management team who some of them have come out to say so many dispicable things about Menzgold, NAM 1 and his directors, well I guess it is also another lesson for us all that people will stick with you in the good times but some will reject you in the bad times.

When they were enjoying the fat salaries and incentives under NAM 1, nobody said a thing but now that the troubles are coming, they will not allow us to have ears. If you follow greed, destruction will be your crown eventually.

As for the customers someone shared a funny joke about them, the joke was;

I was watching GTV yesterday . Read what transpired between a Menzgold customer and the host.
Host: some Ghanaians are saying they don’t support the idea of the government supporting you with a dime of the taxpayers’ money because when you were enjoying you didn’t call anyone?

Menzgold customer: I disagree with them.

Host: why? Any explanation?

Menzgold customer: We’re in Ghana here where people will be enjoying their own unprotected s3x despite several warnings. But when they contract HIV/AIDS, the taxpayers money is used to buy drugs for them. When they were enjoying did they call us? They should give us a break”

You can certainly laugh your heart out on this one but its a real serious matter I tell you.

Well be the best judge of this situation when it comes to paying investors their money by Menzgold. The country is divided as to whether government should compensate the customers or not. Some think the government should whiles others think otherwise but I think each customer’s case should be examined case by case and where compensation is due, due to certain circumstances should be compensated because many people may lose their lives if care is not taken.

Where a person who is rich already like Asamoah Gyan or those working in Bank Of Ghana or ministry of finance itself who are rich or should have known better than to invest with Menzgold, they should be refused any compensation but for the many illiterates and low income earners who fell victim, the government should compensate them.

All the properties of Menzgold, bank accounts and Zylophon should be confiscated by the state, realised and disbursed among the customers case by case so there can be some level of rest in this country over the Menzgold issue.

I don’t particularly support the idea of printing the names of investors and their principal into public as being suggested. There is no law in Ghana that enjoins investors to have their names or investment disclosed to the public because the business they put their money in was a scam. What have the investors done wrong? They were not just too careful. Asking for their names to be published is just like asking Korle-Bu to release all information about the files of patients to the public. I think it breaches privacy policy. Unless any investor’s investment is in question, I don’t think it is the right way to go for now.

I read somewhere that NAM 1 and Menzgold are two seperate legal entities so he cannot be touched by the law if the Company has failed since it was a registered limited liability company. Well, my take is this; it is obvious that Menzgold veered off their primary object for which they obtained licenses to trade which is the buying and export of gold into running a gold vault for the general public, something they had not obtained a license for.

Having received lots of cautions from BoG and SEC it continued to run that line of business which SEC now had no choice than to have it close its gold vault, something that has led to the company plunging into serious crisis and caused massive demonstrations in Ghana.

From my point of view which I think is also the legal stands, NAM 1 and Menzgold cannot be entirely exonerated from charges of running an unlicensed business for which they have not obtained a license for. If the gold vault business was regularised by state institutions, the case would have been different but they refuse to regularise it that makes that part of his operations illegal and fraudulent in nature because it has no legal backing, that is why the Supreme Court has thrown out their law suit against SEC and BoG, and it makes perfect sense.

He himself can be prosecuted for engaging in an unlicensed line of business and all his personal assets, that of the directors of the Company and all its affiliate can be confiscated and sold to make good the extent of debt he owes the general public.

Others have also blamed various celebrities like Joselyn Dumas, Okyeame Kwame, Jackie Appiah etc forendorsing Menzgold. My take also is this, those saying such things, do they inspect the certificate of incorporation, commencement of business and business licenses of any Company that wants to engage their services before they accept an offer from them? At the time these celebrities were engaged, Menzgold was a registered Company and doing business as usual so no one can blame any celebrity in Ghana for endorsing the brand.

Some people have labelled him as the King of scam since he was able to put all the scammers together and scam them too. Alot of scammers and corrupt public officials also invested in Menzgold and for them some of us could not be happier about the turn of events.

We have also heard that some churches have invested all their tithes and offerings into Menzgold and are now facing the consequences of trading with God’s money instead of feeding the poor. For such churches I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

I heard a young man keeps on post poning his wedding because he has invested all the bride price into Menzgold and now the money is not forthcoming. He has changed the dates several times waiting to receive his principal. I don’t think this wedding will ever come on if Menzgold is the only source he is expecting to receive money.

As much as we are in support of youthful initiative in this country, care must be taken to conform to the requirement of state authorities else they will mess you up. If NAM 1 had just concetrated on his gold export business which he ranks 6th nationwide in gold export in Ghana exporting gold to the tune of $100 million according to SEC report in 2017, he would not have been facing all this backlash by now. Now that the government has even lifted the ban on small scale miners it is even now that the gold business will be booming but where is NAM 1 now? In life if you are motivated by greed, destruction will be your crown in the end. I pray that the mercies of God will reach him where ever he is to see him through this great challenge.

“Sarkodie and Stonebwoy are a disgrace to the industry” – Shatta Wale rants

Musician Shatta Wale on first Sunday in the year 2019 has gone on twitter spree making demeaning statements against his colleagues Sarkodie and Stonebwoy .

The ‘Dancehall King’ singer in his messages on the social media platform described the two top musicians as entertainers who have not made any major impact since they joined the music industry.

According to him, Sarkodie and

Stonebwoy are disgrace to the music industry in Ghana. He went on to reiterate that they are poor, a statement he made months ago which angered Sarkodie to release the “advice” diss song.

Aside disrespecting his fellows, Wale went ahead to insult the fans of these musicians as well.

He predicted that “Soon some of this stupid artiste fans will follow the shatta movement to learn how to make money and think positive ..Your artiste is poor and will be exposed soon !!!

“Your sarkodie and Stonebwoy and Stonebwoy u Dey fight me for are disgrace to this industry ..Just a post to my blood and u guys are here ranting like the real village I sang about ..Ghana is truly a village .. Fuck you and Fuck your artists artists again Kwasiafuo …” he tweeted.

See tweet below

Source: hypegh

Why Shatta Wale is the biggest artist in Ghana now

The rise of Shatta Wale, the boss of Shatta movement has been a sharp one and most people couldn’t have predicted this especially, when his first attempt at music in the early 2000s as Bandana wasn’t so successful.

But upon coming back from his long sabbatical, Shatta Wale instantaneously announced his arrival with a new name, new music and most importantly new aura. His music gained prominence with the ghetto youth and since then the only way for him has been up.

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From Shatta City, Dancehall King and a plethora of tracks that rocked the Ghanaian airwaves incessantly. Dope tracks that resonated with the ghetto grassroots and talked about issues politically correct and established musicians wouldn’t dare talk about.

That was his style and he rode the wave of controversy his tracks and personality generated so well that he began to amass a following that has grown to become arguably the largest fanbase in Ghana now, Shatta Movement, SM. One trait of the reinvented and renewed Bandana that he hasn’t received many accolades for is his hard work. The sheer number of tracks he releases each year means his fans are never starved, he is always the talk of town and the airwaves is his to rule.

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Comparisons between him and his nemesis, Stonebwoy, I believe is out of place. Shatta is in a distinct competition of his own and he has no competitor really. Without a doubt StoneGod is talented and deft in music. He has international appeal because his music and lyrics fit the establishment which makes him appear more matured. The good thing is he’s been able to amass a large following with his Bhim Nation and he must be commended.

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The fact still remains, they’re both in the same industry, one that thrives on quantity with regards to fanbase and ability to get them out to shows whether free or paid. In that regard, considering their individual abilities Shatta wale leads because he can single handedly pull any size of crowd as he’s done many times and most recently at Mantse Abgona, yet I doubt Stonebwoy would be able to do same if he were the only act performing.

Take nothing from Stonebwoy, I love his music and style but if I were an event organizer looking to pull crowd and I had to choose between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, without an iota of doubt, I’d choose the former.

Writer: Joe Naah-Yiereh

5 Reasons why Shatta Wale is better than Sarkodie

The CEO of Shatta Movement, the champion Shatta Wale succesfully launched his Reign album at the Fantasy dome at trade fair to a packed hall full of fans singing every song on the album word to word.

Before the album lunch, a fracas between Sark and Shatta led to the release of a disc song by Sark called Advise. The release of the song has resulted in the public comparison of the two artists by pundits and fans alike. Here, we take a look at the things that make Shatta a better artist than Sark.

1. Talented : undoubtedly both artist are talented in their own right and the difference in the genre of music they pursue makes it difficult to compare their talent yet the truth is, Shatta can write a song within minutes and it will be a street sensation same day. Some artists take time to release good songs but Shatta it comes to him naturally and the number of hit songs to his credit attests to that. Sark may be talented but it looks like it takes him some time to put something good together.

2. Fan numbers: Any human being who can pull crowds to support him vehemently as Shatta does is definitely gifted. From a relatively obscure artist to an instant sensation, it took Shatta less than a year to build a mammoth fanbase upon his reinvention from Bandana to Shatta Wale.

3. Understanding of Showbiz : Forget the feuds and the constant picking on other artists by Shatta, it’s all strategic action towards a foreseen end. Shatta is more like Kanye West who is able to stir public sentiments to push his career and he does so in his own unique way. Beef is part of showbiz and many may not notice but his feud with Kwawkesse and Sark played right into his agenda. No publicity is bad publicity for anyone in showbiz and Shatta is able to ride this well.

4. Intouch with the Ghetto: Shatta is a ghetto boy, coming from Korle gonno and growing up in Nima both localities known to be ghettos in the city. Shatta hasn’t lost touch, he’s always out there mingling with the ghetto youth and its understandable why they love him. Forget the elitist Sarkodie, Shatta is the real ish in the Ghetto.

5. Rich and living rich: What is money if you don’t spend it or show off once in a while. It is done everywhere and more so in the much-respected American music industry. He has some money to spend and he shows it, got a problem with that? Forgetti


Top 10 Richest Musicians in Ghana 2019 and Their Net Worth

Over the years, the emergence of gifted musicians has given Ghana a significant edge within Africa’s music industry. At the moment, a number of Ghanaian musicians are making great waves with their music skills and this impressively ranks Ghana among the African countries with the hottest musicians across the black continent.

During discussions, questions are frequently asked about how Ghanaian musicians make huge success and by way of providing a reasonable answer, it is said that these musicians make the best part of their money through mega endorsement deals, constant music tours, and regular concerts locally and internationally.

Now, the big question is: Who is the Richest Musician in Ghana for 2018?

If you’re interested in finding out these remarkable characters, remain focused on this article.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Ghana 2018

1. Okyeame Kwame

Full Name: Kwame Nsiah Apau

Date Of Birth: April 17, 1976

Record Label: Owusek Productions / One Mic Entertainment

Okyeame Kwame is an indigene of Nsuta but he was born in the Ghanaian region of Kumasi. He is prominent as a talented Ghanaian who combines several artistic skills such as singing, songwriting, and directorship. Besides his spectacular presence in music, Kwame has bagged business fortune as an entrepreneur. With music regarded as his major source of income, Kwame is distinguished for his unique music style which encompasses Ghanaian Hiplife, rap, and Afro-pop.

Kwame had the academic privilege which brought him into the Anglican Senior High School –a Kumasi-based secondary school. Having completed his education at the Kumasi-based school, Kwame was given tertiary education at Kwame Nkrumah University –a Ghanaian University. In view of Kwame’s intense passion towards music, he decided to make music his course of study while at the Ghanaian University.
While studying music, Kwame concentrated his academic efforts on classical guitar as an aspect of music. Having finished his academic programme at Kwame Nkrumah University, Okyeame Kwame graduated as a degree holder in Linguistics.

Okyeame Kwame is obviously married to a Ghanaian wife –Annica Nsiah-Apau –and in this regard, the prolific musician is blessed with two children. Significantly, Kwame’s fortune has progressively resulted from his long presence in the music scene.

2. Sarkodie

Full Name: Owuso Addo

Date Of Birth: 10 July 1988

Record Label: SarkCess Music / Nedjon Media / Duncwills Entertainment

Attributed to the birth name Michael Owusu Addo, Sarkodie is a popular Ghanaian musician who hails from the Ghanaian region of Tema. Through his remarkable presence in the country’s music industry, Sarkodie has been regarded as one of the hottest artists within and beyond the borders of Ghana. Besides being ranked as the second richest Ghanaian musician, Sarkodie’s music fortune has placed him on a continental platform where he is considered one of the richest African musicians.

As a Ghanaian musician, Sarkodie’s music philosophy centers on rapping and song recording. In a very awesome style, Sarkodie focuses his music genre on Hip-Hop and Hiplife.

Sarkodie’s secondary education came about while he was growing up in Tema –his place of birth. During this period, he studied at Tema Methodist High School and soon after he finished his academic course at this school, he advanced to IPMC –the tertiary institution where he obtained an academic degree in Graphic Design.

Besides rocking the Ghanaian music industry, Sarkodie has taken his music to the international scene and featured with several other reputable music stars. Some of these stars are Ghanaian musicians while others are of foreign descents. Just to mention a few of these superstars, Sarkodie has done music with Ice Prince, Castro, Ace Hood, Fuse ODG, EL, Efya, R2Bees, Jazzi, Shatta Wale, DJ Mensah, Tiwa Savage, Hammer of the Last Two, Ball J and Kwaw Kese.

3. Stonebwoy

Full Name: Livingstone Etse Satekla

Date Of Birth: 5 March 1988

Record Label: Zylofon Music

Stonebwoy is a talented Ghanaian superstar born in Ashaiman in 1988. Since he emerged into the limelight as a musician, he has constantly featured amongst the country’s leading artistes –particularly as a dancehall artiste. Besides his fast-selling songs and the massive returns stemming from his constant local and international concerts, Stonebwoy has boosted his music fortune with a number of endorsement deals.

Like other reputable artistes, Stonebwoy is signed with Zylofon Music–one of the popular record labels in Ghana.

4. R2Bees

Full Name: Rasheed Mugeez and Faisal Hakeem

Record Label: R2Bees Entertainment

Without doubts, the presence of R2Bees is an impressive indication that the Ghanaian music industry is blessed with a significant number of Hiplife/Hip-Hop superstars. R2Bees is a group of two talented musicians in the names of Rasheed Mugeez and Faisal Hakeem. Meanwhile, both Faisal Hakeem and Rasheed Mugeez were born in the Ghanaian region of Tema where they grew up.

With the record label R2Bees Entertainment, the R2Bees artistes (Faisal Hakeem and Rasheed Mugeez) have carved out great musical paths for themselves. Within and beyond Ghana, the R2Bees stars have been greatly acclaimed especially for their impressive music genre which centres on Hip-Hop, Hiplife, and Afrobeat.

Right from their early years while growing up in Tema, Faisal Hakeem and Rasheed Mugeez have remained mutual partners. During their childhood, they were given education at the same primary school located in Tema. At the end of their primary education, they still attended the same secondary school and through this, they were able to foster their musical interests as partners. While at the secondary school, Rasheed Mugeez and Faisal Hakeem became known as remarkable rappers and when their music skills eventually captured their teachers’ interests, the school made them its representatives during musical competitions between different schools. Other than that, they were chosen to stand for their school during inter-school rap contests.

R2Bees is undoubtedly a musical blend of two artists who have engaged in musical collaborations with various artists locally and internationally. With regard to their significant presence in the music arena, they have been featured with musicians including Davido, Tinchy Stryder, Asumadu Killbeatz, Criss Waddle, Wizkid, Wande Coal and Sarkodie among others. The R2Bees stars have progressively maintained their remarkable presence and looks like they will do so for years to come.

5. Becca

Full Name: Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong

Date Of Birth: 15 August 1984

Record Label: Zylofon Music / Waner Music Norway / EKB Records

The female singer was born in Kumasi in 1984. Becca –who goes by the birth name Rebecca Acheampong –has a total of three studio albums. Meanwhile, this signifies that she has managed to boost her reputation in Ghana’s music industry.

Currently, Becca is in an endorsement deal with EKB record label and this has given her the opportunity to spruce up her music skills. Through her several musical engagements, she is considered one of the Ghanaian musicians with the potentials of making waves continually.

Through the influence of her musical collaborations with several international superstars –including 2Face, Uhuru, and M.I –Becca has managed to span her music ambit beyond Ghana and based on the latest ranking, she is Ghana’s fifth richest musician.

6. Fuse ODG

Full Name: Nana Richard Abiona

Date Of Birth: 2 December 1988

Record Label: 3 Beat Records

Going by the birth name Nana Richard Abiona, Fuse ODG is an England-born Ghanaian artiste. Though his birth came about in London, Fuse ODG spent his childhood in Ghana where he grew up.

Through the academic privilege he had, Fuse ODG studied at Archbishop Lancfranc School –a school located in Croydon. With the record label 3beat, Fuse ODG has fashioned out a great path as a Ghanaian musician. Amongst the superstars who have paved the way for foreign artists to partner with Ghanaian musicians, Fuse ODG is a notable mention and with respect to this, he has done music with reputable stars within and outside Ghana. Just to mention a few of these stars, Fuse ODG has featured with Elephant Man, Wyclef Jean, Shatta Wale, Itz Tiffany, Wande Coal, Dawn ODG, Sarkodie, Sean Paul, Nyla and Major Lazer.

7. Shatta Wale

Full Name: Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr.

Date Of Birth: 17 October 1984

Record Label: Zylofon Music / SM 4 LYF Records

Going by the birth name Charles Nli Armah Mensah Jnr, this Ghanaian star –Shatta Wale –is undoubtedly one of the country’s richest artists. Born in 1984, Shatta Wale, who previously adopted “Bandana’’ as his stage name, is very popular within and beyond Ghana. Having magnified his musical roles as producer and reggae dancehall star, Shatta Wale has amassed a great fortune for himself and bagged several awards. Among these awards is the “Artiste of the Year’’ –an award segment affiliated to 2014 Ghana Music Awards. Meanwhile, it is widely believed that Shatta Wale’s spectacular song “Dancehall King’’ was the main factor behind his emergence into an award segment of the 2014 Ghana Music Awards.

Besides the great popularity, “Dancehall King’’ has earned Shatta Wale, the song is considered the best hit song ever released by the Ghanaian artiste. With the backbone of his vigorous presence in music, Shatta Wale continues to increase in his soaring wealth.

8. Samini

Full Name: Emmanuel Andrews Samini

Date Of Birth: 22 December 1981

Record Label: Samini Musics / Highgrade/ K Chero Records

Samini –who goes by the birth name Emmanuel Andrews Samini –began his musical life as a member of a church choir. Since he came into limelight, he has maintained his vibrant presence and with the help of this, he already has four albums in his music gallery. Significantly, Samini’s wealth surges through the high-selling potentials of his albums. After the release of “Linda’’ –which marked his debut single –Samini’s music fortune came about and this earned him great recognition from the ardent lovers of music in Ghana.

Having risen to popularity with the release of “Linda’’, Samini was favoured by musical collaborations with other successful artists. Through these collaborations, he featured in several hit singles. At the moment, Samini boasts of a number of awards as a remarkable musician. Just to mention a few, he bagged the “African Artiste of the Year Award’’ and the “Best African Act’’ in 2008 and 2006 respectively.

Although Samini is not on a par with any of the artists listed above, the star musician has managed to build himself a significant reputation through his hit songs.

9. D-Black

Full Name: Desmond Kwesi Blackmore

Date Of Birth: 12 January 1986

Record Label: Black Avenue Music

Popularly dubbed Damian Black, Desmond Kwesi Blackmore is obviously considered one of the industrious characters in Ghana’s music industry. Fortunately, Kwesi Blackmore had talented parents who were prominent as Hip-Hop artists and through this, the star musician was able to develop his music skills at a very tender age. During this period, Kwesi Blackmore recorded rhymes and remained passionate about his music potential.

Blackmore persisted in his passion towards music and only during his late teens, he became the CEO of Sport n’ Life records. As God would have it, Blackmore is currently one of the fortunate Ghanaian musicians who have their names on the payrolls of top endorsement brands. Meanwhile, he is recently signed to rLG for an endorsement deal estimated at $150, 000.

Through his hit tracks, Blackmore has managed to claim a spot among Ghana’s richest musicians. At the same time, it is believed that the entirety of his career fortune stemmed from his presence in the music industry.

10. Kwaw Kese / Abodam

Full Name: Emmanuel Koffi Botwe

Kwaw Kese –who goes by the birth name Emmanuel Koffi Botwe –is regarded as one of the Ghanaian musicians who became wealthy after having risen from poor backgrounds. Although Kwaw Kese emerged from a poor family background, the ardent passion he had for music made him triumph over poverty and as God would have it, he is one of the richest Ghanaian musicians.

During his teens as a student in the junior secondary school, Kwaw Kese, in the company of his colleagues and friends, organized several musical entertainments at which he rapped and wrote songs.

With the release of his debut hit song, Kwaw Kese became a stunning musician to watch out for and soon, popularity brought him to the eyes of the world. As his musical reputation soars high, he has managed to collaborate with several star artistes among which are Memphis Bleek, Brymo, Sarkodie, Professor J of Tanzania, 2Face Idibia and Wyclef Jean.

Having featured with artists locally and internationally, Kwaw Kese eventually initiated his own record label and this marks one of his notable achievements in the music industry. Likewise, he has a number of assets to his name. Among these assets is one of the wards at Accra-based Panthang Mental Home. The ward is attributed to his name and besides that, Kwaw Kese’s name has appeared in notable musical nominations.

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