Things are happening on social media and its getting scarier day-in-day-out how girls jump on a man who is taken to forcefully make them their own – maybe the men also want them – but in most cases become the side chicks.

Not long ago, there were reports on how a woman beat the hell out of her husbands side chick after catching them together. Several cases have occured where main chicks go after side chicks to the extent of pouring acids on them.

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This happens mainly because the side chicks are careless and are in a hurry to display these already-taken men on social media.

Well, one lady has devised a new way to beat the main chick, she uses emojis!

According to one Akosua who shared a photo of herself and her man on social media, she cannot reveal the face of her man – the Nadia Buari style – because he is a public figure.

Though she is not sure whether he is taken or not, checks conducted by reveals she might be covering her man’s face to prevent any attack from his main chick.

The two had a good time at a popular joint in Accra, the Holiday Inn, but in all the photos shared by Akosua, she covered her man’s face with an emoji, to prevent being identified by his wife or main chick – thus if he has any.

We believe Akosua’s style is the safest way to keep her from trouble since she is unsure of the status of the man.

Guys, what do you make of this new strategy?

Side chick hides man identity with emoji