Sammy Gyamfi Finally Reveals Why He Joined NDC (video)


The communication director of the National Democratic Congress Sammy Gyamfi has finally opened up on why he came to join the National Democratic Congress instead of the New Patriotic Party.

The communication director in an interview on Neat Fm, revealed a lot of secrets about himself which most people has no idea of.

According to him, non of his nuclear family is a politician but he managed to become because of the love he has for it.

Speaking on Neat Fm, Sammy Gyamfi, said that he developed love for politics when he got the opportunity to enter the university.

He added that, he attended the National Democratic Congress’ party for about twice and he find out that he was born to NDC because the party didn’t accepted him when he wanted to joined because of how he looks or his appearance.

Furthermore, Sammy Gyamfi added no guy like his age will be accepted to become commutation director in the NPP but he was given the chance to explore his talent.

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The CEO of Schwar Fm, Queen Afia Schwarzenegger has released an audio conversation between Mona Gucci and Pinamang Cosmetics tell her the products she’s selling is not good.

Afia Schwarzenegger recently complained that the products she’s endorsing from Pinamang Cosmetics has spoiled her skin and for that reason she is taking that issue to court.

Well, in the conversation Afia Schwarzenegger posted on her Instagram page, one could hear that Mona Gucci was telling Pinamang Cosmetics to pay Afia Schwarzenegger so she will be quiet because she knows what Afia Schwar is capable of doing.

Mona Gucci added that, a lot of people are entering her DM to complain what that products has done to their skin because they believe Mona Gucci’s platform is huge that she can tell people about the effect Pinamang Cosmetics can cause.

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Movie producer and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson has unveiled that the National Democratic Congress and New Patriotic Party are spending Ghana’s money.

Yvonne Nelson said this on her micro blogging tube Twitter saying no one should lose his or her life for them.

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The Ghanaian actress said this following the recent protest many people were seen doing all in the name of mentioning Nana Addo as the president of Ghana which the New Patriotic Party said Mahama was the person who won the 2020 election.

Yvonne Nelson wrote on her Twitter page that, many people are fighting for a political party who was spending Ghana’s money by heart.

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